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Heroes are the playable characters in King God Castle. Heroes are available to Players at the start of the game and are an intergral part in every available game mode.

Heroes have 6 basic stats: Health Point (HP), Attack (ATK), Spell Power (SP), Speed (SPD), Range and Movement Speed.

Outside of game modes, Heroes can be leveled up which increases their HP, ATK, and SP stats.

Heroes unlock Potential Abilities when they reach level 4 and level 8. Once a Hero reach level 16, they can be Awakened to level 16 Awakened, which unlocks two unique Awakened Ability that you can freely swap between (Regarding awakening a hero).

If you wish to check Heroes's Leveling up cost, check here!.

Inside of game modes, Heroes follow a Tier system which can be increased by combining the same Heroes or by using Book Of Power. Medals can instantly increase a random dispatched hero's tier by 1. Here are the heroes's Stat Scaling based on Tiers:s

Stat Scaling Co-efficients for Tiers:
Tier HP, ATK, SP stat increase ratio SPD increase Skill Tier
1 1.0 +0% Tier 1
2 1.6 +10%
3 2.6 +20% Tier 2
4 3.6 +30%
5 4.8 +40% Tier 3
6 6.0 +50%
7 7.0 +60% Tier 4

Heroes can gain Exp through completing chapters, bought in the daily shop, buying scrolls in the shop, or usage of exp books.

Some heroes can be gained simply by progressing through the game (Mara is from Chapter 2, Jol is from the Beginner's Quests), while the rest can be purchased in the Daily Shop with 149 gems, or summoned through Scrolls at a chance: 2% for common scrolls, 5% for King's scroll, and 10% for God's scroll. Though there is an alternative way which is buying a hero through King God's pass, buying a New Hero Package, buying a God Skin Package or using a New Hero Scroll.

With the exception of Mara and Jol, all heroes have a chance of appearing in the Daily Shop aside from the ones you currently own already. If you cannot see a hero for purchase in the shop, trying refreshing the shop by leveling up your castle level, watching in-game ads, or checking again the following day as the shop refreshes automatically every 24hrs.

FYI: In this topic is about heroes recommendation or here

List of all heroes[]
  • Swiftness - Mainly used in Archery Training Camp building
  • Shadow - Mainly used in Swordcraft Training Camp building
  • Tenacity - Mainly used in Stamina Training Camp building
  • Element - Mainly used in Magic Training Camp building
  • Courage - Mainly used in Investigation Team building
  • Mystique - Mainly used in Alchemy Tower building


  • Central - Mainly used for Central Region Investigation
  • Eastern - Mainly used for Eastern Region Investigation
  • Western - Mainly used for Western Region Investigations.
  • Northern - Mainly used for Northern Region Investigation
  • Southern - Mainly used for Southern Region Investigation

Classes and Regions are mainly used in Dominion buildings (see here: Dominion and Arena or Tower of Trials Blessings.ATK - Attack | SP - Spell power | AtkSpd - Attack Speed

For more information regarding a specific hero's skills and skins, you can access their individual pages (Skins are Unfinished as of now) :
Image Name Main ability (Skill variables at Tier 1/3/5/7) Class Region
Aramis sprite
Aramis Headshot - Fires a powerful bullet at the target, dealing SP damage. Swiftness Central
Evan sprite
Evan Crescent Slash - Unleash a piercing aura with his sword, dealing 20/35/50/65+ SP damage to all enemies in a straight line within 1/3/5/7 horizontal block(s) in front of him. Courage Central
Shelda sprite
Shelda Iron Will - Generates 30/120/250/700 + SP Protection upon herself with her willpower. Tenacity Central
Leonhardt sprite
Leonhardt Smite - Smites enemies with his shield, dealing 30/40/50/60+SP damage and stunning all enemies within 1/3/5/5x2 horizontal range in front of him for 1.5/2/2.5/3 sec. Courage North
Priya sprite
Priya Blizzard - Deals 30/45/60/75+SP damage to the target and all enemies within 3x3/2/5x5/4 range near the target, freezing them for 1/1.33/1.66/2 sec. Elemental Central
Daniel sprite
Daniel Judgment of Light - Smashes his hammer down with all his might, dealing 50/60/70/80+SP damage to all enemies in 1/3x3/2/5x5 block(s) nearby. Courage South
Mara sprite
Mara Backstab - Ambushes the target from their back, dealing SP damage. Shadow North
Chung Ah sprite
Chung Ah Horizontal Dragon Edge - Deals 10/15/20/25+SP damage to enemies within 3 horizontal range in front of her. After casting <Horizontal Dragon Edge> 3 time(s), casts <Azure Dragon Slash> that deals 2.5 times more damage in a wide range. Tenacity East
Lily sprite
Lily Summon Golem - Summons Sha-Sha with 150% HP and 150% ATK.

Vitality of Nature - Heals 20/80/160/500+SP HP

Element West
Jol Avatar - For 4 sec, increasing DEF by 60, becoming immune to crowd control, gaining 100% Spell HP Drain, and dealing SP spell normal damage to all enemeis within 3x3 blocks. Courage West
Ren sprite
Ren Full Bloom - Deal SP damage 1/2/3/4 times to all enemies within 3x3 range in front of her. Increase next <Full Bloom>'s attack counts by 1 (Max 6 times) Shadow South
Behemus sprite
Behemus Reckless Protection - Land in front of an ally at the lead, dealing 40/50/60/70+SP damage to all enemies within 3x3/2/5x5/4 range and pushing them back by 2 blocks. Tenacity South
Lyca sprite
Lyca Natural Instinct - Transforms into a werewolf increasing his HP by 200% and ATK by 125%

Wild Fury - Dash toward a target, dealing SP damage and stunning them for 1/2/3/4 seconds.

Shadow Central
Rossette sprite
Rossette Giant Smite - Leaps to the air to strike, dealing (SP + 20%/30%/40%/50% of the target's Max HP) damage to an enemy. (Max Damage SPx3) Tenacity South
Luniare sprite
Luniare Blessing of the Blue Moon - Concentrates for 5 sec and grants 15/60/120/250+SP Protection to the linked target and gives 90%/100%/110%/120% of ATK and Spell Power converted into the target Hero's base stats (50% efficiency when applied to the same hero). Mystique North
Yeon sprite
Yeon Calm and Stormy - Launch a wave that hits both nearby enemy and ally back and forth for 4/5/6/7 times dealing 30/45/60/75+SP damage upon the enemy and recovers the ally's HP by the same amount. Element East
Zuo Yun sprite
Zuo Yun Enrage - Unleash the boiling rage and increase his Attack Speed by (50+SP)% for 3/5/7/9 sec. Tenacity East
Zupitere sprite
Zupitere Crackle -Discharges streaks of lightning that bounces between enemies for 1/2/3/4 times dealing 5/7/10/13+SP damage Element South
Draco sprite
Draco Flamebreath - Breath out flame dealing 10 + SP damage to all enemies within a 3/4/5/6 range cone in front of him 10 time(s). Element West
Mel sprite
Mel Holy Blade Garna - Strikes the Holy Blade down, dealing 0/40/80/200+SP damage to enemies upfront then attacks with the Holy Blade for 5/6/7/8 sec. The ATK of the Holy Blade increases by (125 + SP/200x3)% Courage Central
Rahawk sprite
Rahawk Hunt Command - Deals 20/30/40/50 + SP damage to the farthest enemy and reduces its AtkSpd by 15/20/25/30% for 5 seconds. (Max 2 stacks) Swiftness North
Hansi sprite
Hansi Rapid Arrows - Rapidly shoots additional 1 arrow on every attack during the round (max 2/3/4/5 arrows) Swiftness East
Asiaq sprite
Asiaq Soul Link - Links 3 target with chains, make them share damage dealt on them, stun effects and slow effects. Chain remains for 7/9/11/13 sec and breaks when shared damage reaches 50/75/100/125+SP, dealing additional 12.5/18.75/25/31.25+SP/4. Mystique North
Bombie sprite
Bombie Rain of Bombs - Throw bomb from his bag to random enemy with extra 60%/120%/180%/240% speed for 3/4/5/6+SP/50 sec. Swiftness North
Bardrey sprite
Bardrey Lilting Melody - Recovers MP of all nearby allies within 3x3/5x5/7x7/9x9 range by 10+SP. Swiftness South
Alberon sprite
Alberon Radiance of Life - Recovers himself and all nearby allies HP within 3x3/5x5/7x7/9x9 range by SP. Mystique South
Cain sprite
Cain Circus of Death - Cain deals 5/10/20/40+SP damage to the enemy with the lowest HP ratio. The damage increases by 4% per 1% of the target's lost HP. Shadow North
Hela sprite
Hela Summon Meteor - Instead of normal attack, concentrates for ATK SPD sec and drops meteors that deals 15/30/45/60+SP damage to enemies within 2 range for 3/4/5/6 times starting with the nearest enemy. Element South
Mirsyl sprite
Mirsyl Verdant Garden - Form a magical garden within 3x3/2/5x5/4 range around target. Garden remains for 3 sec, dealing 30+SP damage to all enemies on it and recovers allies HP by the same amount (each Mirsyl summon up to 2 gardens). Mystique West
Taesan sprite
Taesan Power of Great Tiger - Deals 30+SP damage to all enemies within 3 horizonal range in front of him and pulls them by 2 blocks. Afterward, obtain Protection equal to 30% of Max HP. Tenacity East
Tia sprite
Tia Gust - If the target is within 3 range, Tia moves 3 blocks back and attacks 3 times. If the target is not within 3 range, deals 140%/160%/180%/200% of ATK as damage 4 times. Swiftness West
Zuo Bai sprite
Zuo Bai Crimson Slash - Moves 3/4/5/6 times consecutively behind enemies to deal 10/20/30/40+SP damage each time, starting with the nearest enemy. Swiftness East
Agathe sprite
Agathe Protection of Radiance - Creates a barrier within 2 range for 3 + SP/10 sec, taking 40% of damage taken by all allies. However, take 10% reduced damage. Tenacity South
Neria sprite
Neria Annihilation Time - Shoot enhanced arrows 4 times that deal (300/400/500/600+SP/10)% of ATK. During Skill, Neria's ATK SPD is fixed to 82%/98%/122%/150% and her Range limit is lifted. Shadow North
Haerang sprite
Haerang Wave Catcher - Sends concentrated waves 2/3/4/5 times that deal 10/20/30+SP damage and stuns for 1.25 sec, starting with the nearest enemy. Element East
Gidnil sprite
Gidnil Holy Protection - Generates 2/4/6/8 Spell Shields to himself. Spell shield blocks Spell damage of enemy's skill 1 time and blocks the harmful effect of the spell damage. Mystique South
Kanak sprite
Kanak Soul Rip - Deal SP damage to the target. Deals 20% additional damage on Kanak's normal attack for every curse stacked on the target (max 6/9/12/15 times) Mystique North
Rie sprite
Rie Order: Elimination - Summon up to 3 doll(s) and make them charge at enemies to deal SP damage. The doll(s) deal SP/10 damage on normal attacks, all damage dealt is calculated as Rie's damage. Shadow South
Nibella sprite
Nibella Desert Charge - Charge toward the back of the farthest enemy, swinging her great sword and dealing 20/30/40/50+SP damage to all enemies within 3x3 range in the path of charge/ Courage North
Taebaek sprite
Taebaek White Tiger Kick - Provokes 3/4/5/6 nearest enemies for 4 sec and deals a total of SP damage to 5x5 range. After 4 sec, deals damage equal to SP + 30% of damage taken to same range. Courage East
Cathy sprite
Cathy Dancing Bullet - Attacks the target with normal attack enhanced by 100%/125%/150%/175% 15 time(s) for 1 sec. Bullet ricochets to the nearest enemy on the opposite side and deal 70% of the first bullet's damage. Shadow Central
Esthea sprite
Esthea Sacred Censer - Heals the ally with the lowest HP ratio in 7x7 range, and increases their next normal attack by 160%/190%/220%/250% of Esthea's ATK. Mystique South
Baldir sprite
Baldir Oddity of the Forest - When placed in front, transforms into bear form with increased HP, when placed in the back transforms into deer form with increased attack speed and spell power

Energy of the Forest - Deal 20/40/60/80+SP damage to up to 3/4/5/6 nearest enemies. Timber Split - The next 3/4/5/6 normal attacks deal damage equal to ATK + SP to enemies within 3x3 range in front. 40% HP Drain (ATK DMG, Spell DMG) is applied to the damage.

Mystique West
Ian sprite
Ian Stride of steel - concentrate for 1,4 sec and charges to the target with enhanced normal attack that deals damage equal to (100+SP/10)% of ATK to all enemies within 3x3 range 2/3/4/5 times. Courage Central
Ophelia sprite
Ophelia Blood and Soul - Deals SP damage 2/4/6/9 times to the highest tier enemy within 7x7 range, recovers HP by the same amount and reduces the target spell power by SP. Shadow North
Kirdan sprite
Kirdan Storm Assault - Deals damage 10/12/14/16 time(s) in total with 40/60/80/100 +SP damage each time to all nearby enemies within 3x3 range for 3,5/4/4.5/5 sec. Deal damage 1 more time for every 21%/18%/15%/12% additional ATK SPD. When using skill, move to location where Kirdan can attack the most. Tenacity North
Mano sprite
Mano Oath of Protection - Concentrate for 7 sec and grant 90%/100%/110%/120% of ATK to the linked target converted into the target's base stats. Recover HP of Linked Target by SP every sec. (Effect can be applied only once at the same time to a single hero) Mystique Central
Victoria Whiterun - Mounts her horse and obtain SP protection for 3 sec. If there is an enemy nearby, deal 10/25/40/70 damage, pushes back the enemy by 2/3/4/5 blocks, and pursues the enemy. While in mounted state, Movement Speed increases by 30%/45%/60%/75%. Upon reaching the target, dismounts from her horse, dealing damage equal to 500% of ATK as normal attack within 3x4 range in front. Swiftness Central
Aenrath Abyss Of the Forest - Attacks the farthest enemy, inflicting SP damage.

For 4 seconds, normal attacks inflict damage equal to 100%/125%/150%/172% of the attack power to all enemies within 3x3 squares.

Shadow West
Elizabeth Guardian Spirit Army - Recalls all Stone Spirits that Elizabeth summoned, then deals SP damage to all enemies within 3x3 range near the Stone Spirits and stuns them for 1 sec. Summons 1 Stone Spirit(s) again. (Up to 21 Stone Spirits can be on the battlefield.)

Unity of Spirits - Stone Spirit's normal attack deals 10% of Elizabeth's Spell Power as spell damage. Stone Spirit has 10% of Elizabeth's HP and 100% of their Spell Power, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed.

Tenacity West
Saeryung Inner Flame - Concentrates for 6 sec, granting 90% of Spell Power to the linked target converted into the target's base stats. Amplifies the linked target's skill damage by 25%, (Cannot link to an already linked target.) Mystique East
Farael Arcane Scattershot - Casts Arcane Spell toward a target, dealing SP damage 2 time(s) to all blocks within one random direction among the four directions. When the target is killed, the remaining Arcane Spell is cast to another nearby enemy. Courage West
Garam Flow of Water - Dragon Flash - Upon taking damage, has a 20% chance of evading. Successful evasion negates damage and crowd controls ans also grants 15 TP. When TP is full, charges at the target to deal SP spell damage, then inflicts 2 normal attack(s) with damage equal to 180% of her ATK Shadow East
Dandelyn Rumbling Earth - Gathers energy to increase final Max HP by 30% for 8 sec. During this time, causes an earthquake within 3x3 range, dealing SP damage per second to all nearby enemies and reducing their final Attack by 10% for 3 sec. Tenacity North
Saras Void Hallucination - Summons 2 hallucination(s) that last for 6 sec. The hallucinations are not targetable and do not take damage. They deal damage equal to (30+SP/10)% of Sara's ATK. Mystique Central
Jinju Sprite
Jinju Tiger Gale Kick - Deals SP damage to all enemies within 3 vetical range in front. After using <Tiger Gale Kick> 5time(s), moves to the position where she can hit the most enemies based on the target, and uses <Skyrending Tiger>, dealing SPx3 damage to all enemies within 3 horiontal block in front. Courage East
Bellina Eye of Control - Bellina affixes [Third Eye] to 2 hero(es) besides herself and summoned creatures. [Third Eye] generates SP/10 Protection every 2~1 sec. Upon using skill, each affixed [Third Eye] deals SP damage to the nearest enemy. (Up to 3~9 [Third Eyes] can exist at the same time) Mystique South